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How Deep Are Manholes?

Manhole depth: a maximum depth of 20 feet is specified in order to comply with department of labor and industry ladder safety regulations. Manholes that exceed this depth must be designed with an appropriate safety feature, such as a landing platform or ladder safety device.

How Deep Are Manholes?

A manhole is a hole in the ground that provides access to a utility or sewer system. They are typically round or oval in shape and have a heavyduty cover to keep people and animals out.

The depth of a manhole can vary depending on the location and purpose. In some cases, they may only be a few feet deep, while others may be more than 20 feet deep.

Manholes are found in a variety of locations, such as along sidewalks, in parking lots, and in the middle of streets. They are often used to access underground utilities, such as water and sewer lines.

In some cases, manholes may also be used as an emergency exit from a building or as a way to access the roof of a tall building. The depth of a manhole can be a safety concern, as people can fall into them if they are not careful.

It is important to always look before you step, especially in areas where manholes are present. If you do happen to fall into a manhole, try to climb out as soon as possible.

If you are unable to climb out, call for help immediately. Manholes can be dangerous, but they are an important part of our infrastructure. Without them, we would

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