How Do You Calculate Stair Stringers?

Measure the stairway’s total rise and divide by the estimated riser height (around 7 inches) for the number of steps. Divide the total rise by the steps for the exact riser height. Use a framing square and pencil to mark all steps on a 2- x 12-inch board.

How Do You Calculate Stair Stringers?

Calculating stair stringers is an important part of any building project that involves stairs. Stair stringers are the structural members that support the treads and risers of stairs. Without properly calculating stair stringers, the stairs will not be structurally sound and can potentially be dangerous.

The first step in calculating stair stringers is to measure the rise and run of the stairs. The rise is the vertical distance between each step and the run is the horizontal distance between each step. These measurements need to be taken very precisely in order to get accurate results.

Once the rise and run have been measured, the next step is to determine the angle of the stairs. This is done by dividing the rise by the run and then taking the inverse tangent of the result. This will give you the angle of the stairs in degrees.

The next step is to determine the width of the stair stringers. This is done by taking the total rise of the stairs and dividing it by the number of steps. Once the width has been determined, the stringer length can be calculated. This is done by taking the total run of the stairs and multiplying it by the cosine of the angle from the previous step.

Once the stringer length is

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