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How Heavy Are Manhole Covers?

The standard manhole cover weighs more than 250 pounds, or 113 kilograms. Manhole covers need to strike the correct balance between being heavy enough to not get rattled or dislodged when busy traffic drives over them, but not being so heavy that service workers can’t reasonably lift them with a manhole hook.

How Heavy Are Manhole Covers?

Manhole covers are an essential part of any citys infrastructure. Not only do they provide access to the underground sewer and water systems, but they also provide a way to keep people and animals from entering the potentially dangerous areas beneath them.

But how heavy are manhole covers exactly? The exact weight of a manhole cover can vary significantly, depending on the size and material its made from.

Generally, manhole covers are made from cast iron and can range in weight from as little as 20 pounds to as much as 300 pounds.

The average weight of a manhole cover is around 150 pounds. The weight of a manhole cover also depends on the size of the hole.

Smaller covers are usually lighter and are typically used for residential areas. They weigh around 20 to 70 pounds. Meanwhile, larger covers are used for commercial areas and weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds. Manhole covers are designed to be heavy enough to prevent people and animals from removing them.

Theyre also designed to be durable, so that they can last for decades without needing to be replaced. Manhole covers are also designed to be resistant to tampering. This is especially important in commercial areas, where people might try to steal

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