How High Is the Royal Gorge Bridge?

The royal gorge bridge held the world record for the highest bridge until 2001. It still remains as america’s highest suspension bridge at 956 feet above the gorge’s floor. Visitors come across the bridge when they enter the park. The bridge reaches 1,260 feet across the royal gorge, featuring 1,257 wooden planks.

How High Is the Royal Gorge Bridge?

The Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the most iconic and breathtaking natural attractions in the state of Colorado. Located near the Arkansas River in Canon City, the bridge was built in 1929 and stands at a height of 955 feet above the river.

It is the highest bridge in the United States and among the highest in the world. The bridge spans 1,270 feet across the canyon and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colorado.

It also holds the record for being the highest suspension bridge in the world. The bridge is made up of 1092 feet of steel cables, with a total of 1250 feet of steel towers and girders.

The bridge towers are made of steel and concrete and have a height of 279 feet. The Royal Gorge Bridge has two observation decks, which are located at the north and south ends of the bridge.

From the decks, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Arkansas River and the canyon below. The bridge also has several attractions, including a zip line, a sky coaster, and a gondola that takes visitors above the canyon.

The bridge was originally built to provide access to Cripple Creek and Victor gold mines. The bridge was also used to transport passengers and freight to the area. The bridge

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