How Is a Septic Tank Built?


Household wastewater is flushed or washed through the exit pipe into the septic tank. Heavy solids sink to the bottom. Over 24-48 hoursthe solids break down to form a sludge layer. Lighter floatable solids, such as grease, oils, and fats, collect at the top of the liquid in the tank to form a scum layer.

How Is a Septic Tank Built?

A septic tank is a vital part of any household’s wastewater management system. It is an underground chamber made of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass and is used to store wastewater from a home or business. The wastewater is then broken down by bacteria in the tank and the solid waste is separated from the liquid waste. The liquid waste is then discharged into a leach field or other disposal area.

The process of building a septic tank typically involves excavating a hole in the ground, then pouring

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