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How Is Rainfall Measured?

The standard instrument for the measurement of rainfall is the 203mm (8 inch) rain gauge. This is essentially a circular funnel with a diameter of 203mm which collects the rain into a graduated and calibrated cylinder. The measuring cylinder can record up to 25mm of precipitation.

How Is Rainfall Measured?

Rainfall is a critical element in the environment, providing much needed water to the land, vegetation and animals. Measuring and recording rainfall is an important part of understanding and predicting the weather and climate.

There are several ways to measure rainfall, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Rain Gauges are the most common way to measure rainfall and are the simplest to use.

They are generally small, plastic containers with a funnel at the top that collects rain and funnels it into a measuring cylinder. The rain is then recorded in millimeters, either manually or by an automated system.

Rain gauges are typically used for shortterm measurements, such as for a day or week. Radar is also used to measure rainfall. Radar works by sending out a beam of energy which reflects off of objects in the atmosphere.

As rain droplets move through the atmosphere, they reflect the energy, allowing the radar to measure the amount of rain. Radar is highly accurate, but has the disadvantage of not being able to measure very small amounts of rain.

Satellitebased systems are also used to measure rainfall. These systems use sensors to measure the amount of energy emitted from the atmosphere and ground. This energy is then analyzed to determine the amount of water vapor

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