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How Long Did It Take to Build a Pyramid?

But estimates suggest each pyramid could have taken somewhere between 15-30 years to complete. Around 118 different pyramids all across egypt have been identified.

How Long Did It Take to Build a Pyramid?

When it comes to the ancient Egyptians, one of the most impressive feats they accomplished is the building of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is no surprise that this incredible achievement has been subject to much speculation and debate, particularly when it comes to the question of “How long did it take to build a pyramid?”

In general, it is widely accepted that it took the ancient Egyptians around 20 years to 20 years to complete the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is the largest of the three pyramids found in Giza. This figure is based on the assumption that it took around 10,000 laborers working full-time to build the pyramid.

In order to determine how long it took to build a pyramid, historians and archaeologists had to analyze the construction process in detail. For example, the masonry blocks had to be quarried from the local limestone and granite, which was no small feat for the ancient Egyptians. The stones had to be transported from the quarries to the pyramid site, and then placed in perfect alignment to create the pyramid’s structure.

The ancient Egyptians also had to develop their own construction techniques in order to ensure that the pyramid was strong and stable. This included the use of wooden pegs

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