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How Long Is Suez Canal?

When built, the canal was 164 km long and 8 m deep. After several enlargements, it is 193.30 km long, 24 m deep and 205 metres wide. It consists of the northern access channel of 22 km, the canal itself of 162.25 km and the southern access channel of 9 km.

How Long Is Suez Canal?

The Suez Canal is a vital waterway located in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea. The canal was constructed in the 19th century and has been a major route for international shipping ever since.

But, how long is the Suez Canal? The Suez Canal is a manmade waterway stretching 120 miles from Port Said in the Mediterranean to Suez in the Red Sea.

The Canal is divided into two parts, the northern section and the southern section, and is about 205 feet wide at its narrowest width.

The northern section of the Suez Canal is about 101 miles long, while the southern section is 19 miles long. In total, the Suez Canal is approximately 120 miles long.

The Suez Canal is an important shipping route, allowing ships to travel between the Mediterranean and Red Sea without having to travel around the African continent.

The Canal saves ships up to 8,000 miles of travel, and is one of the most important waterways in the world. About 8 percent of the worlds maritime trade is carried through the Suez Canal, which is the fastest and most direct route for ships travelling between Europe and Asia. The Suez Canal is also an important economic asset for Egypt.

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