How Long to Build Mount Rushmore?

During the 14 years of construction not one fatality occurred. Dynamite was used until only three to six inches of rock was left to remove to get to the final carving surface. At this point, the drillers and assistant carvers would drill holes into the granite very close together. This was called honeycombing.

How Long to Build Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is one of the most iconic monuments in the United States. It is a massive sculpture of the faces of four former presidents of the United States, located on the side of a mountain in South Dakota. The monument was created to honor the birth, life, and preservation of the United States and its principles. The project was started in 1927 and completed in 1941, so the answer to the question ‘how long to build Mount Rushmore’ is 14 years.

The project was originally conceived by South Dakota historian Doane Robinson and brought to fruition by the sculptor Gutzon Borglum. The project was funded by the State of South Dakota and the federal government. In 1925, the state of South Dakota passed a law to create a monument to honor the four presidents and the creation of the United States.

The project began with the selection of the mountain in 1927. The mountain was deemed suitable for the monument due to its height and the fact that the faces of the presidents would be looking out over the Black Hills of South Dakota. After the site was chosen, gutters and drains were built to divert water away from the site. In October of that year, the sculptor Gutzon Borglum began the excavation of the mountain to create

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