How Many Door Knobs Are There?

Collectors have cataloged over 1,000 antique doorknob designs into 15 types based on shape, material, and design pattern. The best grade of knobs during this period was usually made from cast bronze or brass.

How Many Door Knobs Are There?

Door knobs are one of the most common items in the home, yet many people have no idea how many door knobs they have. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might think, as the number of door knobs in a given home can vary greatly depending on several factors.

Several things must be considered to determine how many door knobs are in a home. For starters, the number of doors in the home must be determined. While most homes have front and back doors, many other doors may also exist, including closet doors, bedroom doors, and interior doors. Depending on the size and layout of the house, the number of entries can vary greatly.

Next, the type of door knob must be taken into account. While most homes use the standard doorknob, there are other types of door knobs available, including lever door knobs, push button knobs, and even electronic door knobs. Depending on the type of door knob used, the number of door knobs in a home can increase.

Finally, the number of locksets must be considered. While many doors have

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