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How Mount Rushmore Was Built?

The work was exciting, but dangerous. 90% of the mountain was carved using dynamite . The powdermen would cut and set charges of dynamite of specific sizes to remove precise amounts of rock. Before the dynamite charges could be set off, the workers would have to be cleared from the mountain.

How Mount Rushmore Was Built?

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States. Every year, millions of people flock to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see the four enormous rock sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, all carved into the side of the mountain. But how was Mount Rushmore actually built?

The ambitious project of creating Mount Rushmore began in 1927, when a South Dakota historian named Doane Robinson proposed the idea to the state’s senator, Peter Norbeck. Robinson wanted to create a sculpture of four important figures in American history, with the intent of bringing tourism to the area. Norbeck and Robinson then asked sculptor Gutzon Borglum to help bring their vision to life.

Borglum got to work right away, creating a detailed design for the sculpture. He then hired a team of 400 workers to start work on the mountain in October of 1927. The project was funded by both the state and a large donation from John D. Rockefeller.

The workers began by blasting away the top of the mountain to create a flat surface. They then used jackhammers and dynamite to carve out the faces of the four presidents. This process was incredibly dangerous and took 14 years to

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