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How Much Freshwater Is Underground?

The pie chart shows that about 1.7 percent of all of earth’s water is groundwater and about 30.1 percent of freshwater on earth occurs as groundwater.

How Much Freshwater Is Underground?

Freshwater is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. It is essential for life, and yet it is limited in supply. As a result, it is important to understand the amount of freshwater that is available and where it is located. One of the most important sources of freshwater is underground. In fact, a great deal of the world’s freshwater is located in underground aquifers.

Aquifers are layers of permeable rock, sand, and gravel that contain and store water. This water moves slowly through the rock, sand, and gravel until it reaches an impermeable layer, which acts as a barrier. Once this barrier is reached, water can no longer move and is trapped in the aquifer.

It is estimated that the amount of freshwater stored in underground aquifers is more than 35 times the amount found in all of the world’s rivers, lakes, and streams combined. This means that there is a vast amount of freshwater stored beneath the ground. However, this water is not evenly distributed around the world.

In certain areas, such as the western United States and parts of India, aquifers are overused and are not being replenished at a rate that can keep up with demand

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