How Much Time Does the Suez Canal Save?

The journey from the persian gulf to the northern european range is particularly impacted by the suez canal. A 21,000 km journey around africa, taking 24 days, is reduced to a 12,000 km journey taking 14 days. Therefore, the suez canal allows saving between 7 to 10 days of shipping time depending on the ship’s speed.

How Much Time Does the Suez Canal Save?

The Suez Canal is one of the world’s most important waterways, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and providing a crucial link between Asia and Europe. For ships traveling between the two regions, the Suez Canal saves them an enormous amount of time, as well as fuel, money, and manpower.

To understand just how much time the Suez Canal saves, consider the alternative route that ships must take if they do not travel through the waterway. Without the Suez Canal, ships must circumnavigate Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, a route that adds more than 11,000 miles to the journey. For a ship traveling from London to Singapore, the difference in distance is nearly 5,000 miles, or a 33 percent decrease in the overall journey.

The Suez Canal also dramatically reduces the length of time needed to make the journey. Without the canal, it would take a ship traveling from London to Singapore approximately 105 days to make the trip. With the Suez Canal, ships can make the same journey in just 48 days, a 55 percent reduction in time.

The Suez Canal also saves ships a great deal of fuel and money. Without the canal, ships would have to burn an extra 3

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