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How Much to Pour Concrete Slab?

Concrete costs $4–$8 per square foot on average. This means you’ll pay $1,600–$3,200 for a 20-by-20 foot concrete slab, depending on the slab’s thickness and concrete type.

How Much to Pour Concrete Slab?

Pouring a concrete slab is a big job that requires careful planning and preparation. The amount of concrete needed to pour a slab will vary depending on the size and shape of the area, as well as the thickness of the slab. Estimating the amount of concrete needed for a job is essential for budgeting and avoiding costly overages.

Before pouring a concrete slab, it is important to measure the area and calculate the volume. A cubic yard of concrete will cover a 10-foot-by-10-foot area with a thickness of 4 inches. If the area is larger than that, additional concrete will be needed. The thickness of the slab should also be accounted for when calculating the volume. A slab with a thickness of 5 inches will need twice the amount of concrete as a slab that is 4 inches thick.

Once the volume of concrete needed is calculated, the next step is to determine how much concrete to order. Concrete is sold by the cubic yard, so the total volume of concrete needed should be divided by 27 in order to calculate the number of cubic yards that are needed. Many concrete suppliers also offer discounts when ordering large quantities of concrete. It is a good idea to contact local suppliers to compare prices and see if a bulk discount is available

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