How Tall Is Steinway Tower?

On completion, steinway tower will hold the title of world’s most slender skyscraper, with a width-to-height ratio of approximately 1:24. 2. The skyscraper will be 1,428 feet or 435 meters tall.

How Tall Is Steinway Tower?

Steinway Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York City. Located in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, the 918foot tall tower is a prominent symbol of the citys skyline.

The tower, which is the tallest building in Queens, is also well known for its distinctive shape and elegant design. The tower was designed by architect Costas Kondylis and was completed in 2000.

The building is a combination of two towers, the Steinway Tower and the Richelieu Tower, that are connected by a sky bridge.

The total height of both towers is 918 feet, with the Steinway Tower measuring 744 feet and the Richelieu Tower measuring 174 feet.

The distinctive shape of the Steinway Tower is what makes it so recognizable. The building is curved at the top and has a series of setbacks that create a unique silhouette.

It also features a glass and steel facade which reflects the sky and the surrounding buildings. The Steinway Tower is home to several luxury condominiums and offices.

It also includes a restaurant, a health club and a rooftop bar. The tower also houses a number of art galleries, shops and a cafe. The Steinway Tower is part of

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