How to Become an Engineer in Training?

Graduate from an abet-accredited four-year university engineering program. Pass the 6-hour fundamentals of engineering (fe) examination to receive an engineer intern (ei) enrollment or engineer-in-training (eit) certification.

How to Become an Engineer in Training?

Becoming an Engineer in Training is a great way to jumpstart a career in engineering. For those who have a passion for engineering, this can be an excellent way to get started and gain experience in the field. There are several steps that must be taken in order to become an Engineer in Training.

First, you must complete a degree in engineering. This will provide you with a basic knowledge of engineering principles and concepts. You can focus on a particular area such as civil, mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering. You can also opt to pursue a dual degree program if you want to gain experience in multiple engineering disciplines. Most universities offer a variety of engineering degrees that can be completed in three to four years.

Second, once you have received your degree, you will need to gain some experience in the field. This can be done through internships, summer jobs, or volunteer work. The more experience you gain, the better your chances of becoming an Engineer in Training.

Third, you need to take the necessary exams. These are usually offered through the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). Once you have passed these exams, you will be eligible to become an Engineer in Training.


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