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How to Become Leed Accredited?

To earn a leed ap with specialty, candidates must first pass the leed green associate exam. The exams measure knowledge about green building, a specific leed rating system and the certification process and are ideal for individuals who are actively working on green building and leed projects.

How to Become Leed Accredited?

Becoming LEED accredited is an important step for any professional in the building industry. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system developed by the U.S.

Green Building Council (USGBC). This system is used to evaluate the sustainability of buildings and provides certifications to professionals who demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the system.

LEED accredited professionals are in high demand in the industry, and obtaining accreditation can open the door to many opportunities. Here are the steps to becoming LEED accredited.

1. Choose the LEED Accreditation Track The first step to becoming LEED accredited is to decide which track you want to pursue.

The USGBC offers four tracks for LEED accreditation: Building Design and Construction (BD+C), Interior Design and Construction (ID+C), Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M), and Neighborhood Development (ND).

Choose the track that best suits your professional experience, as the requirements for each track are different.

2. Complete the Required Coursework The next step is to complete the required coursework for your chosen track. This will likely include a combination of online and inperson courses. You can find a list of approved courses on the US

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