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How to Fix Paint Bubbles on Wall?

Remove blisters by scraping, sanding or pressure-washing down to underlying coats of paint or primer. Repaint the surface with a high-quality interior/exterior paint (make sure the surface temperature is below 90º f).

How to Fix Paint Bubbles on Wall?

Paint bubbles on walls are a common problem for homeowners, and one that is fairly easy to fix. Paint bubbles occur when there is an air bubble trapped between the paint and the wall. This can result in unsightly bumps and blemishes on walls that can detract from the aesthetic of a room. Fortunately, fixing paint bubbles is a relatively simple process and requires minimal supplies.

The first step in fixing paint bubbles is to prepare the area. This includes removing any loose paint chips and ensuring the surface is clean and free of dirt and dust. Once the area is prepped, you should then use a putty knife to scrape away any remaining paint. Make sure to scrape off all the paint around the bubble, as this will help the repair adhere better.

Next, it is important to prime the area. Primer helps to create a strong bond between the wall and the repair material, so it is essential for a successful repair. Once the primer has been applied and dried, use a putty knife to fill the area with spackle. Smooth the spackle over the bubble, and make sure the surface is flat. Allow the spackle to dry for the time specified on the package before continuing.

Once the spackle is dry

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