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How to Open a Window from the Outside?

The best way to open a sash window from the outside is by using a pry bar to lift up on a latch. To lift the window, just wedge a crowbar between the bottom of the sash and the window still. Push up on one of the sashes until it opens. The window should then be able to be opened from the outside.

How to Open a Window from the Outside?

Opening a window from the outside can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know how. Whether you’re trying to get inside your house when you’ve accidentally left the door locked or you need to repair a broken window, having the necessary knowledge and tools can make the process a lot easier. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to open a window from the outside.

Step 1: Make sure that the window you are trying to open is actually unlocked from the inside. If the window is locked from the inside, then opening it from the outside is not possible.

Step 2: Gather the necessary tools. You will need a screwdriver, a pry bar, and a hammer.

Step 3: Remove the screws that secure the window frame to the wall. This may require a screwdriver and some elbow grease.

Step 4: Use the pry bar to carefully lift the window frame away from the wall. If the window is stuck, you may need to use a hammer to help break it free.

Step 5: If the window opens outward, use your hands to carefully pull it open. If the window opens inward, you will need to use the pry bar to push it open

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