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How to Remove Paint from Concrete?

Apply a thick layer of paint stripper using a brush, broom, or squeegee, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the stripper sit until it fully penetrates and the paint begins to soften (anywhere from 4 to 24 hours). Remove the paint with a scraper or wire brush once it is visibly wrinkled or puckered.

How to Remove Paint from Concrete?

Removing paint from concrete can be a tricky and time consuming task, but it is possible. Depending on the type of paint, there are several techniques you can use to make sure the paint is completely removed. If you’re dealing with a particularly difficult paint job, it may be best to call a professional for help.

Before you start the process of removing paint from concrete, you need to determine what type of paint you’re dealing with. Latex paint is the easiest to remove, while oil-based paints will require more effort. If you’re not sure which type of paint is on the concrete, you can test it by dabbing a cotton swab in some acetone and then dabbing it on the paint. If the paint dissolves, it is latex paint. If not, it is oil-based.

The easiest way to remove latex paint from concrete is to use a pressure washer. The powerful stream of water will blast away the paint from the surface. Make sure to wear eye protection and keep the nozzle of the pressure washer at least 12 inches away from the surface. This will prevent damage to the concrete. It is also important to use the correct pressure setting. Start with the lowest setting

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