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How Was the Great Wall Built?

In mountain areas, workers quarried stone to build the great wall. Using the mountains themselves as footings, the outer layer of the great wall was built with stone blocks (and bricks), and filled with uncut stone and anything else available (like earth and dead workers).

How Was the Great Wall Built?

The Great Wall of China is one of the most iconic and impressive structures in the world. It was built to protect the Chinese Empire from invading forces. Construction of the Great Wall began in the 7th century BC during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. The wall was built in sections by different dynasties over the centuries and its total length is estimated to be over 5,500 miles.

The Great Wall was mainly built from stones and mud bricks. The stones were quarried from the mountains and transported to the building sites using carts. The mud bricks were made from soil and straw and were used to fill in the gaps between the stones. The bricks were also used to repair and reinforce the wall.

The wall was very well defended and its construction involved the use of a large number of workers. Soldiers were used to protect the wall and guard the passes. Watchtowers were built along the wall to give the soldiers a better view of the surrounding area.

The wall was also equipped with beacon towers which were used to send signals to other parts of the wall in case of an invasion. The signals were sent by burning wood and the smoke could be seen from miles away.

The wall was very expensive to build and maintain and required

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