How Wide Are Steps?

What is the standard stair width in america? The average stair width in america is about 36″ wide which is actually the minimum according to most building codes. Though the entire 36″ isn’t used, it is enough to account for handrails which can take up a few inches.

How Wide Are Steps?

Steps are an important part of any staircase, and the width of the steps can make all the difference between having a safe and comfortable stairway and a dangerous one. Knowing how wide steps should be can help you make sure your stairs are safe and comfortable for you and your family to use.

The width of a step is measured from one side of the step to the other, not including the riser, which is the vertical board that connects the treads. The width of the step should generally be at least 8 inches, and this is the minimum measurement that is recommended by the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC). The maximum width for a step is usually 16 inches, though this may vary depending on the type of stairway.

To ensure that the steps are comfortable to use, the rise of each step should not be more than 7.5 inches, as this can make the steps difficult and uncomfortable to use. The tread should also be at least 11 inches deep, as this will provide more stability for the user.

When it comes to outdoor steps, the width should be the same as indoor steps, at least 8 inches and a maximum of 16 inches. However, the tread should be a bit deeper, as the steps may

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