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Suez Canal How Wide?

When built, the canal was 164 km long and 8 m deep. After several enlargements, it is 193.30 km long, 24 m deep and 205 metres wide.

Suez Canal How Wide?

The Suez Canal is an artificial sealevel waterway in Egypt which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, running through the Isthmus of Suez.

The canal separates the African continent from Asia, and provides a navigable route for ships between Europe and Asia.

The canal is one of the worlds most important shipping routes and is widely used by commercial vessels. The Suez Canal was first opened in 1869 and was considered a major engineering feat of its time.

The canal is over 190 km (120 miles) long and 24 m (79 ft) deep, and is the widest canal in the world. The total width of the Suez Canal varies from 225 m (738 ft) to 300 m (984 ft), depending on the section of the canal.

The widest section of the canal is located at Port Said, where the canal is 301 m (990 ft) wide. The width of the Suez Canal allows for twoway traffic.

This means that the canal can accommodate large ships travelling in both directions. The canal is able to accommodate ships up to a maximum beam width of 50.5 m (166 ft) and a maximum draught of 20.1 m (66 ft). It

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