What Are the Cross Pieces in a Window Called?

Grille: also called grid or muntin, these decorative cross pieces divide the window into panes. Some grilles are suspended between the glass; others snap off for easy cleaning.

What Are the Cross Pieces in a Window Called?

The crosspieces in a window are typically called mullions. Mullions are vertical or horizontal bars that divide a window into smaller panes of glass.

They provide structural support for the window and can be either functional or decorative. Mullions can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or plastic.

When mullions are purely functional, they are typically made from a simple, sturdy material such as wood or metal. Decorative mullions may be made from more delicate materials such as glass or plastic.

Mullions can be either straight or curved, and they may be simple or ornate. Mullions are an important part of many different types of windows, including casement windows, doublehung windows, and bay windows.

They can add both beauty and strength to a window, and they are an essential part of many window designs.

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