What Are the Three Types of Bridges?

Three basic types of bridges used in transportation are: beam and truss bridges, arch bridges and suspension bridges.

What Are the Three Types of Bridges?

There are three types of bridges: arch, beam, and suspension. The type of bridge you choose depends on many factors, including the purpose of the bridge, the materials available, the climate, the terrain, and the weight of the traffic that will use it.

The most common type of bridge is the beam bridge. Beam bridges are the simplest and most economical type of bridge. They are made of beams, or horizontal girders, that are supported at each end by piers.

The deck, or roadway, is then placed on top of the beams. Beam bridges can be further classified into two types: girders and trusses.

Girders are beams that are either solid or composed of webs, or vertical members, that are joined together to form a box. Trusses are beams that are composed of a series of triangular units.

The strength of a beam bridge comes from the strength of the material from which it is made and the way the beams are arranged.

The arrangement of the beams affects the amount of weight the bridge can support. In general, the more beams there are, the stronger the bridge. Beam bridges are the most common type of bridge because they can be made from a variety

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