What Do You Call the Window Above a Door?

Transom windows (also called transom lights) sit above an entry, patio or interior door, or other windows. Typically non-operating and used to add style and increase natural light, transoms span the width of the opening they top and can be placed above single or double doors and sidelites.

What Do You Call the Window Above a Door?

A window above a door is typically called a transom window. This type of window is often found above doors in older homes, as well as in some newer homes that are designed in a more traditional style.

Transom windows are often stained glass, leaded glass, or frosted glass. They are sometimes decorated with a design or pattern, but they can also be left plain.

Transom windows were originally used for ventilation. They are still used for this purpose in some homes, but they are also used for decorative purposes.

In many homes, the transom window is the only window in the room, so it can be a focal point. Transom windows can be opened to let in fresh air, or they can be left closed to keep the room more private.

In some homes, transom windows are used to provide natural light in a room that does not have any other windows.

In other homes, transom windows are used in conjunction with other windows to provide a more open and airy feel. No matter how they are used, transom windows can add beauty and character to a home.

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