What Does Concrete Detail Mean?

Concrete detail – facts and examples that support the thesis or topic sentence. They include direct quotations from and summaries or paraphrases of literary texts.

What Does Concrete Detail Mean?

A concrete detail is a piece of information that can be verified or proven. It is a fact that can be observed, measured, or experienced. Concrete details are specific and tangible, and they are often used to support claims or main ideas.

Concrete details are important in writing because they can make writing more interesting and easier to understand. When writers use concrete details, readers can visualize what is being described and better understand the message the writer is trying to communicate.

There are many different types of concrete details, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some examples: Statistical data (e.g.,According to a recent study,)

Expert opinions (e.g.,Dr. Smith says that)

Personal experiences (e.g.,I saw firsthand how)

Specific examples (e.g.,For instance,) When choosing concrete details to include in your writing, it is important to select information that is relevant and credible.

This will ensure that your writing is both interesting and believable.

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