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What Is Ballast Rock?

Ballast rock, which can also be called ballast stones, is a stone material that is primarily used in the construction of railroads, but also serves other useful construction purposes. The purpose of ballast rock is to provide stability while also allowing for easy drainage.

What Is Ballast Rock?

Ballast is rock that is used to provide stability and support for railroad tracks. It is typically made of crushed stone, although other materials such as gravel, sand, and even waste materials can be used.

The purpose of ballast is to keep the track in place and to provide drainage. Ballast also provides a way for water and other materials to pass under the track without causing damage.

Ballast rock is typically graded according to its size and function. The largest rocks are called base ballast and are used to provide stability for the track.

The smaller rocks, called secondary ballast, are used to provide drainage and support for the track. The smallest rocks, called tertiary ballast, are used to fill in any voids and to provide a smooth surface for the track.

Ballast rock is typically white or gray in color. It is important that the ballast be free of any organic material, such as leaves or twigs, as this can cause the track to rot.

The ballast should also be free of any chemical contaminants, such as oil or gasoline, as these can cause fires. The ballast is typically laid in two layers. The first layer is called the subballast and is typically made of crushed

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