What Is Carpet Area?

Also known as the net usable area, the carpet area is actually that space in your home, which can be used for laying a carpet. It includes the thickness of the internal wall but excludes the balcony or terrace. Technically, the distance between the inner walls is the carpet area.

What Is Carpet Area?

Carpet area is the actual usable area of an apartment. It is the area enclosed by the walls, minus the areas occupied by the wall thickness, balconies, or other projections.

In other words, it is the net usable area of an apartment. The carpet area is generally lesser than the super builtup area. The apartment area that one pays for, is the carpet area.

The floor area includes the carpet area along with the thickness of the walls, the area occupied by the lifts, the common areas such as the lobby, the corridors, etc.

The super builtup area includes all the floor area along with the area under the staircase, the lift shafts, etc. It is the area that one would get if all the individual spaces in an apartment complex are combined.

The difference between the carpet area and the super builtup area is that the former excludes the areas that are common to all the apartments, such as the lobby, corridors, lift shafts, etc., while the latter includes these areas.

The use of the termcarpet area has been standardized by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Prior to this, different developers would use different terms for the net usable area of

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