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Why Are Arches So Strong?

An arch derives its strength directly from its shape. Downward force from the top of an arch is carried along the curving form all the way to the base. At the same time, the ground pushes up with equal force.

Why Are Arches So Strong?

Arches are an architectural structure that has endured for centuries. They are used in bridges, churches, monuments, doorways, and other structures worldwide. The strength of arches comes down to a simple engineering concept: tension versus compression. Appropriately constructed arches take advantage of compression and tension, making them very strong.

Compression is the force pushing in on an object. When constructing an arch, the structure’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the stone. This creates a tension of equal weight pushing down on the opposite sides of the arch. As the weight continues to press down, the force of the press is spread evenly over the stone. This forces the two sides of the arch to press together and form a strong and stable structure.

Arches are incredibly strong because of their shape. Since the arches press against the sides of the arch, this creates a curved surface that helps distribute the structure’s weight equally. This curved shape allows for greater stability and strength. It also creates a much more efficient support structure than a straight wall.

Additionally, arches are made of durable materials, such as stone or brick, designed to last centuries. Stone is a very strong natural material and

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