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Why Are There Cracks in the Sidewalk?

Unfortunately, when concrete dries, it shrinks a little bit. If you’re using concrete to make a sidewalk, the shrinking concrete will cause cracks to appear as it dries. To prevent sidewalks from cracking in random spots and breaking apart, builders make lines in sidewalks.

Why Are There Cracks in the Sidewalk?

Cracks in the sidewalk are an often-overlooked problem that many people take for granted. They can have both aesthetic value and safety issues that should be considered. While some of the reasons for these cracks may seem obvious, understanding the underlying cause can help us to maintain our sidewalks better.

First, we must look at the material used to construct most sidewalks – concrete. Concrete is durable but not indestructible. Over time, it can and will expand and contract due to temperature changes. This causes the concrete to crack, especially when temperatures change suddenly. Cracks can also occur due to errors in its construction such as not reinforcing it adequately.

The second reason for these cracks is everyday wear and tear. People walk on sidewalks with heavy bags, bicycles, skateboards and many other items. This often causes small scale damage to the sidewalk. Certain types of plants can also cause damage due to their root growth. This is why planting trees close to a sidewalk can weaken the sidewalk infrastructure.

The third reason for these cracks is neglect. Especially in the cases of urban sidewalks, it is often seen as the responsibility of the city or town to keep up the sidewalk. This is not always the case. Over time,

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