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Why Did Trade Towers Collapse?

The collapse of the world trade center occurred on tuesday, september 11, 2001, after two commercial airliners hijacked by al-qaeda were deliberately flown into the twin towers of the world trade center complex in new york city as part of the september 11 attacks.

Why Did Trade Towers Collapse?

The Twin Towers’ collapse on September 11, 2001, is one of the most devastating events in modern history. The towers were two of the tallest buildings in the world, and their collapse marked the end of a symbol of American strength and power. For years, investigators and researchers have worked to determine why the towers collapsed, and their conclusions have shed light on several complex and interconnected factors that led to the tragedy.

The Twin Towers’ collapse was caused by a combination of structural design flaws and the damage caused by the attacks on the buildings. The original design of the towers included lightweight steel columns intended to reduce the structure’s weight and make it more cost-efficient. Unfortunately, these columns were not strong enough to withstand the intense heat of the fires caused by the attacks. The heat weakened the columns, causing them to buckle and eventually collapse.

In addition to the design flaws, the buildings were not built to withstand the impact of the hijacked planes that hit the towers. The intense heat and increased pressure caused by the planes’ impact caused the buildings to collapse. The towers also lacked adequate fireproofing, which allowed the fires to spread quickly and weaken the steel columns even more.

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