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Why Do Tunnels Have Fans?

Typically the equipment is used for smoke extraction or control when it takes people to evacuate the tunnel under emergency conditions. They are also utilized to control exhaust fumes and to provide standard ventilation when required.

Why Do Tunnels Have Fans?

Tunnels have been around for centuries and are used for various purposes. From providing transportation to providing security, tunnels have been an integral part of the infrastructure for a long time. One of the most critical components of a tunnel is the fans that regulate the air quality and temperature inside. These fans are essential for various reasons, and understanding why tunnels have them is crucial for anyone who uses them.

The primary purpose of fans in tunnels is to provide ventilation. Without proper ventilation, the air inside a tunnel can become stagnant and stale. This can lead to many issues, including poor air quality, an increase in carbon dioxide levels, and a decrease in oxygen levels. By providing a steady flow of fresh air, the fans help to regulate the air quality and temperature inside the tunnel.

In addition to providing ventilation, fans are also used to limit the amount of dust accumulating in the tunnel. As vehicles drive through the tunnel, they can stir up dust and debris. This can significantly reduce visibility and make the tunnel a dangerous place. Fans can help remove this dust and debris and make the tunnel safer.

Fans are also used to help reduce noise levels inside the tunnel. Without fans,

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