Why Is Golden Gate Bridge Called Golden?

History of golden gate bridge. Do you know why the golden gate bridge has its iconic name? The answer might surprise you. Rather than being named for the area’s association with the gold rush, it’s called for the water beneath it—the golden gate strait.

Why Is Golden Gate Bridge Called Golden?

It is well known that the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, and the bridge itself is even more iconic due to its name. But why is it called the “Golden Gate Bridge”?

Well, the truth is that the bridge is called the “Golden Gate Bridge” because of its location. The bridge is located at the entrance to San Francisco Bay, in between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco itself. The area of the bridge was named the Golden Gate because the access to the bay resembled a golden gate, which was also the reason for the naming of the Golden Gate Strait.

It is said that the bridge’s original name was the Bridge of San Francisco Bay, however, the location of the bridge meant that it was naturally going to be referred to as the “Golden Gate Bridge” due to its location.

The bridge is also famously painted orange, which further adds to the bridge’s golden-gate appeal. Although the paint was initially meant to be black, rumors suggest that the color was changed due to a painter in San Francisco who liked the color orange and wanted to use it in the bridge painting.

Since then, the bridge has

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