What Is Cistern Water?

What is a cistern? A private water system cistern is one that uses rainwater collected from a roof or other rain collection device as a source of water for human consumption.

What Is Cistern Water?

A cistern is a watertight chamber, usually underground, that stores water. The water may come from a spring, a well, or rainwater.

It may be used to irrigate crops, supply drinking water to people and animals, or for other purposes. A cistern is often built to catch and store rainwater.

It may be part of a larger rainwater harvesting system. Cisterns are also used to store water for other purposes, such as irrigation, drinking water for livestock, or for use in an emergency.

Cistern water is usually fresh and clean, but it can become contaminated if it is not properly maintained. It is important to regularly check the cistern for leaks and to clean it out if necessary.

If you are using cistern water for drinking water, it is advisable to have it tested regularly for safety.

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