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What Is Primer for Paint?

Primer is a base coat used to help treat a surface before applying a topcoat. Accordingly, primer is formulated to ensure maximum adhesion. Better paint adhesion means your paint job lasts longer. Likewise, primer acts as a sealer for porous surfaces that would otherwise absorb the first few coats of paint.

What Is Primer for Paint?

A primer is a paint that is applied to a surface before painting. It is usually white or offwhite in color. Primer is used to prepare the surface for painting, to improve the adhesion of the paint to the surface, and to provide a barrier between the paint and the surface.

Primer is available in waterbased and oilbased formulations. Waterbased primer is easier to clean up and is less likely to yellow over time.

Oilbased primer is more durable and provides a more consistent finish. When choosing a primer, consider the type of paint you will be using, the type of surface you are painting, and the conditions in which the paint will be applied.

For example, if you are painting a metal surface that will be exposed to the elements, you will need a primer that can withstand rust and corrosion.

If you are unsure which primer to use, consult with a paint professional or the manufacturer of the paint you will be using.

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